Sub Platters

Serves 10-12      $42.99

Serves 14-16      $54.99

Great combination of cold subs you customize.

We quarter cut subs and arrange on a platter with a side of chips.


Party Sub

(1 foot feeds approximately 5 guests) $12.29 per foot

Create your own 3 to 8 foot MONSTER SUB!

A combination of fresh cut meat and cheese will please any party!


Gourmet Wrap Platters

Serves 10-12      $38.99

Serves 14-16      $62.99

Serves 18-20      $82.99

Assorted combination of our special wraps customized to your needs.

Cut in half and arranged on a tray with a side of chips.

Vegetable Platter

Serves 10-15      $26.99

Serves 20-25      $48.99

A colorful blend of seasonal vegetables arranged on a serving platter with a side of ranch.


Finger Food Platter

Serves 10-12      $45.99

Serves 14-18      $63.99

Serves 20-24      $79.99

Great combination of chicken wings, fingers, pizza logs, and our batters veggies on a platter with all dipping sauces.

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