John and Mary Guida

In 1952 John and Mary Guida opened a sandwich and hot dog stand called “Johnny’s” in a small rented used car building. After a year of hard work and determination, the couple purchased what became the first “John & Mary’s location on Harlem Rd.  It opened its door for the first time with three sandwiches; the Regular (Capicolla Sub) for .50 cents, the Royal (Capicolla & Sausage) for .75 cents and the sausage sub for .60 cents. Later in 1954 the A-Bomb was added which was made with the popularity of the great food and service has evolved into todays best pizza, sub and wing restaurants in the area.


John & Mary’s Southtown location in Hamburg is owned and operated by Paul and Sharon Raymond. The Raymonds have been welcomed by the community as part of their family, and their team works to promote good food and a family-friendly atmosphere. The Raymonds also pride themselves on keeping the integrity that was established by John and Mary Guida in 1952 , and bringing that same pride to the town of Hamburg.

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